Monday, July 30, 2018

Inspiration for creating cards

Hello fellow card makers!

Like most of you, I find inspiration by looking at other handmade cards - I'm sure some of you have given me loads of inspiration. But recently, I have tried to think outside the box and look for inspiration in the unexpected.

While dining out with my family at a Chinese restaurant, I noticed a piece of wall art. I don't think the piece is anything special but I did get inspired for a new card design. Below, the first image is the wall art (sorry its so blurry) and the second image is the card I made from that inspiration.  What do you think?

I made the frame with black mirror cardstock. It adds a nice shine to the card. I used two rectangle nesting dies from Spellbinders to make the frame. Then I cut four - 1/8" wide strips and adhered them to the frame with each piece slightly larger than the frame.

I wanted the card to be almost 3D. I think dimension really adds interest. I used dimensionals under the black frame, the white panel and the vase. To make sure I had the vase in the right spot, I stamped the vase directly on the paper. It was really easy then to position the bamboo stamp in the right spot. I also stamped another vase on a scratch piece of white cardstock, cut it out and adhered it with dimensionals directly on top of the first image.

For this card, I used stamps from three different stamps sets. I just mixed and matched until I found the right look. To add sparkle, I used some black rhinestones that I had in my stash. I think they really work with my design.

I also find inspiration from quilts, stained glass windows, t-shirts, postcards, and so many other things. When something catches my eye, I almost immediately start thinking about a new card design.

Now go - get inspired!

Happy stamping!
Kathie K.

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