Sunday, August 26, 2018

Handmade flocked cards

Happy Sunday,

I have been reorganizing my craft supplies and found an oldie but goody - flocking. I completely forgot about this awesome product. It adds a touch of texture and dimension to any project. You can use a lot or just little. It can be used as a main color or as an embellishment. A little goes a long way so its also a good investment.

To use, you add flocking like you would glitter. Place a small amount of glue in the area you want flocked, and then add the flocking.  Shake off the excess back into the container. Its that easy!

Here are a couple of projects where I used just touch to add something special to the cards. The first one is a teddy bear new baby card. I added the flocking to the bear's feet.

For my next project, I used the flocking to highlight a specific area - the dog's ear. The die cut is embossed to show the dog's features. I used the embossing lines as a guide to place the glue. Again, this small amount of flocking added texture and extra dimension to this sweet card.

Flocking has many other uses. Here are just few more ideas:

  • snow - on trees or outdoor scenes
  • use to color scarfs, hats and sweaters instead of markers or pencils
  • can be used as sand in beach scenes or tree bark
Flocking comes in many different colors so the uses are endless. If you want flocking for specific stamped image, use Versamark with Heat 'n Stick powder. You apply the Heat 'n Stick powder just like embossing powder and heat. Once heated, the powder stays sticky. Apply the flocking and it will only stick to the embossed areas. Shake off the rest.

I hope you look at flocking a bit differently now. I just love using it.

Happy stamping!
Kathie K.

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