Monday, April 24, 2017

Make some one's day - send a card.

My New Year's resolution - well at least one of them, is to send my handmade cards to friends and family more often.  The cards I make bring me a lot of joy and I think my loved ones would feel the same way about receiving one.

Here are some of my favorites.  The first one is my go-to thank you card made with Stampin' Up's Lovely as a Tree stamp set.  The copper cord and vellum add a nice touch to the card - gives a rich vibe but is really easy to create. Not shown is the envelope which also has been stamped.  I think it adds a nice touch.

My favorite Thinking of You cards is made with a butterfly stamp which stamped on the card and also used to make a little charm embellishment.  I think it gives the card that something extra that friends appreciate.

Another use for the Lovely as a Tree stamp set is for a sympathy card.  The trees are so peaceful and the vellum overlay softens the message even more.  The card shows one of my favorite ways to add ribbon to card with vellum.  It really gives it a polished look.

And last but not least, below is the Valentine's Day card I gave to my husband.  I just love the little chocolate kisses.  This is also a great color combination.

I hope you enjoy these favorites as much I do.

Happy Crafting!

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